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Top Three Best Rated

We were handpicked as one of the top veterinary clinics in Grande Prairie by

Health Plans for Brood Mares

Immunity for the Pregnant Mare and Foal An Owners Guide to Immunity in Pregnant Mares and Foals How does vaccinating my pregnant mare benefit my unborn foal? When pregnant mares are vaccinated 4-6 weeks prior to giving birth, antibodies are passed from the mare to the...

Barn Buddy Program

Our goal with this program is to place spayed/neutered cats into farm homes, where they can provide rodent control in exchange for a warm place to sleep, food and water.


Interested in volunteering? Each year we welcome a few volunteers into our clinics so that they can gain some experience in the feild of veterinary medicine. If this is something you are interested in, please send us your resume along with your area of...

Community Support

We are proud to have supported many community organizations.
If you are seeking a sponsorship, please send us an email indicating your request, including when you would like it and some details about your organization.