First Appointment Questions

After Hours Emergencies

If you have an after-hours emergency, please call 780-532-2902

At times we do share on-call services with other clinics, so you may be directed to another clinic. If we are currently handling an emergency, it may be hours before we have the opportunity to get back to you. I you don’t hear back within 20 minutes, please contact another clinic in the area. The last thing we would want would be for your pet to end up in a line-up if there was another clinic able to help sooner.

Your call will be automatically forwarded to the on-call veterinarian.

Thank you for not calling after-hours to try and book appointments or ask general questions that can wait until the following business day.

Emergencies seen by a veterinarian are charged an emergency fee on top of the other medical/surgical charges. Large animal farm-calls will be charged mileage.

Please be aware that payment is expected upon completion of the services rendered, and in most emergency cases, we will request a deposit up front.

All of our emergency after-hours calls are answered by licensed veterinarians who are well-respected professionals within our community. You can be confident that you will be in good hands no matter which veterinarian you see or speak with.

Do you make house calls for dogs and cats?

Small Animals

We work out of the clinic facility for small animal appointments. The clinic setting offers the needed equipment, tools and proper lighting as well as access to well trained and helpful staff.

Large Animals

Our veterinarians can perform most of the same medical, surgical and obstetrical procedures on your farm as they can in the clinic. When booking your appointment, please let us know what kind of facilities you have, and we can determine if the procedure should be done in-clinic or if it can be done on-farm.

It is important that you have your animal caught/restrained prior to the veterinarian arriving. The safety of our veterinarians is a top priority. Thank you for maintaining your chutes and equipment in such a way as to ensure that our vets can go safely on to the next appointment after you.


Our veterinarians are available by appointment only.

Walk-ins may be accepted depending on availability, but our first priority is to those that have made appointments or those that have a veterinary emergency.

We strive to make our waiting area a calm and orderly place for our clients and their pets, and don’t wish to leave anyone waiting for more than a few minutes.

When you call us for an appointment, we will do our best to find a suitable time-slot for you.

We will give you our full, undivided attention without rushing or trying to “fit you in”.

In the case of an emergency, it is still best to call us to let us know you are coming. This helps us better prepare for your arrival and rearrange our other appointments accordingly.

How should I restrain my animal?

We pride ourselves on clients being comfortable and safe while visiting our clinics. Thank you for leashing all dogs and restraining your cats (inside a kennel is best) before entering the clinic.

Need a cat kennel? We can help.

The Bear Creek clinic would be happy to lend you one to transport your feline.

Book An Appointment

Make an appointment to bring in your animal.

For emergencies call 780-532-2902