First Appointment Questions

After Hours Emergencies

sIf you have an after-hours emergency, please call 780-532-2902

We share on-call services with other clinics so you may be directed to another clinic. When you initially call, you will be forwarded to an on-call technician who you will talk to in order to triage the situation appropriately. They may give you at home advice or put you through to the on-call veterinarian who will then set up a time to meet you at the clinic.

We thank you for not calling after-hours to try and book appointments or ask general questions that can wait until the following business day.

Please be aware that payment is expected upon completion of the appointment, and we will request a deposit up front. Bear Creek Animal Clinic is not able to offer payment plans. We do work with third party payment services like Petcard and Scratchpay.

You can be confident knowing our on-call veterinarians are well-respected professionals within our community. Your furry friends will be in good hands no matter which veterinarian you see.

Do you make house calls?

Small Animals

For small animal appointments, we are only able to work out of the clinic to ensure we have access to the proper tools, equipment, and well trained staff.

Large Animals

Most medical and surgical procedures can be done on your farm as well as in-clinic. When booking your appointment, please let us know what kind of facilities you have so we can determine if the procedure needs be done in-clinic or at your farm.

It is important that you have your animal caught/restrained prior to the veterinarian arriving to maintain the safety of our veterinarian. Thank you for maintaining your chutes and equipment to ensure that our veterinarians can go to their next appointment safely.


Our veterinarians are available by appointment only.

Our first priority is to those that have made appointments or those that have a veterinary emergency.

Our goal is to get clients and their pets into an exam room in a timely fashion to help maintain a calm and orderly lobby.

In terms of booking appointments, we do our best to accomodate our clients needs and give you our full attention.

In the case of an emergency, please call us before coming to the clinic. Our veterinarians and technicians do their best to help as many pets as they can in a day but our availability varies day to day.

How should my pet be brought into the clinic?

Please make sure all pets are either on a leash or in a carrier upon entering the clinic.

We pride ourselves on clients being comfortable and safe while visiting our clinics.

Need a cat kennel? We can help.

The Bear Creek clinic would be happy to lend you a kennel to transport your feline friend safely into the clinic.

Book An Appointment

Make an appointment to bring in your animal.

For emergencies call 780-532-2902