How does the program work?

cat and horse barn buddies

We run this program throught the Grande Prairie & District SPCA. Any of the cats that they deem ‘unadoptable’ due to behaviour, can be entered into our Barn Buddy program. Cats that end up in this program are often feral (wild) or have poor social skills. Often these cats are understandably terrified in the shelter setting and have had very little handling from people. Our goal with this program is to place these spayed/neutered cats into farm homes, where they can provide rodent control in exchange for a warm place to sleep, food and water. We are very proud of this program as it is win-win for all involved. The farmers don’t end up with multiple wild kittens as the pets placed are already fixed courtesy of us, and the shelter doesn’t have to resort to euthanizing these otherwise healthy cats. Our Barn Buddies are perfectly content as they don’t really need us for much and are quite happy to have their own space and freedom.
At this time, all of our Barn Buddies come from the GP SPCA, we can’t take them in from the public.

How can I adopt a Barn Buddy?

We do require all potential Barn Buddy homes to be able to provide adequate food, water, care and shelter. These cats do hunt, but they still require food to be provided to supplement them. If you are interested in adopting, please call Bear Creek Animal Clinic at 780-532-2902 and get your name put on a list. We don’t always have Barn Buddies available and due to their nature, our goal is to get them spayed or neutered and placed in homes as quickly as possible, limiting the stress that they endure by being in the shelter or clinic setting. The quicker we can get them placed, the more we can put through our program. We ask for a donation to the GP SPCA or Bandaged Paws Rescue Group in place of a formal adoption fee.
Please help us help more pets: make sure your pets are spayed and neutered to decrease pet overpopulation! Help the ones you can!

Available Buddies


Felix is an adult neutered male who is shy but sweet.


Adult neutered male. A little shy but gets along well with other cats. He is very playful and we think he will make a good mouser.


Spayed female about 9 months old. Friendly and has been at the clinic a long time. She likes other cats.


This shy but sweet neutered male likes other cats.


Whiskers is a bit ‘spicy’ – he would be great in a barn catching mice.


Neutered Male, missing some tips of his ears and his tail but he is a very friendly guy.